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Saturday, July 15, 2006

three bags full

Yesterday was closet cleanout day, resulting in the 'three bags full' of stuff that's going away - one to the dumpster and two to the local clothing donation bin. With all that out of the way, you might think I have tons of space in my closet now. But, no.

See, when I moved here in the summer of 2001, I brought a lot of past-life minutae in boxes that got put "away" wherever I could find a spot to wedge them. Hey, it was my second move in two years and I was tired of packing and unpacking. But now the time has come to deal with it.

Today's a scorcher here in Toronto (31 celsius, feels like over 40 with the humidity factor - that's 104 Fahrenheit!), so rather than venturing out, I'm aiming to face up to my past and start going through the boxes. What bits and bobs were important enough to keep and carry through two moves but not important enough to look at even once in the six years since?

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At 3:05 pm, Anonymous Becklezbee said...

Closet clean outs are fun. Just put on some music and go through a bunch of things you haven't seen in ages! Boxes are the best. They hold so many memories from the past, long forgotten. ;)

At 3:16 pm, Blogger Ostara said...

Yes, including a "broken" laptop. I plugged it in and, works! ::happy dance::

At 4:00 pm, Anonymous Sarah =P said...

*snickers* I finally found you! *dance* And becklez on the way =P


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