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Monday, July 13, 2015

for my fellow authors...

I recently re-discovered a list I'd prepared of Very Important Writerly Things To Do. As with many of my to-do lists, this one was lost in a jumble of notes about plots, characters, and blog posts. Now I'm kicking myself, because item #1 on the list was "sign up for AUTHORSdb". I should have done it months ago but life got messy and so did my desk and... well. 

Upon finding the long-lost list, I clicked on over to and signed up right away. In no time at all, they'd produced a beautiful feature page for me and my books (including social media links and a live feed from my Facebook fan page). But there's more. AUTHORSdb actively promotes authors on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, too. And all this is absolutely free. Readers can visit the site and search for their favourite author - it's like an IMDb for books. 

Take a look at my lovely new AUTHORSdb page and then add "sign up for AUTHORSdb" to your to-do list. (Better still, do it now before that list of yours gets lost!)


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At 2:25 pm, Anonymous Susan McNicoll said...

Thanks for the reminder about this too Cheryl. I will definitely get to it before my two new eBooks come out.

At 7:12 pm, Blogger Cheryl said...

I recommend it. Very author-friendly. Will see you there!


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