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Monday, July 24, 2006

jazz'n in the shower

Jazz enjoying his morning shower...every last drop!Yes, it's true. I really do shower with a bird. As you can tell, he thoroughly enjoys it, spreading his little wings to catch every drop and nagging shrilly when I put down his personal spray bottle to to focus on my own shower and shampoo.

Jazz is a lineolated parakeet, one of the smallest of the parrot family, native to Central and South America. He's very intelligent and curious, likes climbing, exploring, bossing Sam the Cat, and snuggling under my chin — something he's eager to do whenever he gets the chance. His real claim to fame, is a dedication in author Barbara Colley's novel, Death Tidies Up, a Charlotte LaRue Mystery. Find out why here.

You said Jazz's bathtime was something you wish you could see, Barbara, so this post's for you! (Click photo for larger view.)


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