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Friday, August 18, 2006

across a crowded mall

True confession: I am a one purse woman. Shocking. But true. You see, way back in November of 1998, I found 'The Perfect Purse' at the CACY Arts and Crafts Show. Hand made from soft, black leather, with two roomy compartments and a couple of zippered hideaways, it was — and is — just right.

The trouble with owning 'The Perfect Purse' is that nothing else will do. Oh, sure, I understand the theory of changing with the season and matching purse to shoes. It all sounds good. But perfection is not so easily duplicated and I'm not one who's willing to settle. So, versatile as a little black dress, 'The Perfect Purse' has been on my arm almost daily ever since.

Of course, nobody would wear a little black dress every single day for eight years. That's ridiculous. In fact, it's a little disturbing...

Oh, good grief! I've been lugging around the same purse every day for eight years! How weird is that? Eeeuw.

Sam inspects The Perfect (old) PurseOn the other hand, old purse still looks darned good. The maker obviously took great pride in her craft because, despite the constant use, not a single stitch has given way.

Unfortunately, my snake and dragon rings have taken their toll on the soft cloth lining, so it is a little shredded where the sun don't shine. And I dare not leave it open when Sam is around. Its cat-allure is irresistible, as you can see. (Let's not ponder the reasons for that ... I fear another "eeeuw" moment.)

Still, I've been happy with old purse, lo these many years, and so was all innocent and unsuspecting this afternoon on my hike through Vaughan Mills. I wasn't there to shop for myself. I was there for Johnny Depp. Well, for an authentic Jack Sparrow costume, actually — a birthday gift for my grandson. He'll be five at the end of the month and really-really-really needs to be Cap'n Jack. Said costumes are selling like proverbial hotcakes in Toronto, so finding his size at The Disney Store put me in a very good mood indeed. Mission accomplished!

The New (Potentially) Perfect Purse       And happened.

I was on my way to the exit, doing a little window shopping on the way. It caught my eye from across the crowded mall and, I swear, it called my name. Resistance was futile. (There's something about the air in a Danier Leather store. Breathe deeply and you will buy.) Meet The Potentially Perfect Purse.

Only time will tell if this beauty will woo me permanently away from The Old Perfect Purse. So far, things are looking good. I'll report back in...oh, eight years or so.


At 12:19 pm, Blogger Red Haze said...

It's absolutely true. The quest for the perfect purse is both exhausting and unrewarding, for the most part. However, the moment of bliss when the meeting of purse and purse-seeker occurs. Breath-taking.

At 11:12 pm, Anonymous Strip Poker said...

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