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Thursday, August 03, 2006

high five meme

Samcat 'helping' me type.
I like reading other peoples' memes. Granted, sometimes the questions can be a whole lot less than pithy, but the character snapshots they offer are often very interesting—one might even say enlightening.

I found this one at Delicious Life, then tweaked it a bit, just because.

Five Items on my Desk:

1) A favourite spiral notebook, full of personal and business reminders. It has a stalking tiger on the front and William Blake's poem on the back: Tiger! Tiger! burning bright. It'll need replacing soon—almost full.

2) A coaster with a peaceful sunset scene and the meaning of my name: "loved one". T'was a Christmas gift last year, from my niece. Thanks, niece!

3) A wood-handled paring knife, not sharp enough for paring but it makes a great letter opener.

4) An antique glass bottle impressed with the words: Campana's Italian Balm. There was always a bottle of Italian Balm in my grandmother's kitchen. I remember how she'd share it with me, holding my little girl hands between hers and gently smoothing in the lotion. It had a sweetly pungent aroma and Grandma called it "bam". She'd rub the "bam" into the "pams" of our hands. Makes me smile. :-)

5) Sam the cat. (Doing his best to knock over the bam bottle with his raccoon-striped, perpetual motion tail.)

Five Items in My Closet:

1) The 1996 Rand McNally Road Atlas of North America. At 11 x 15 inches, it just too darned big for the bookshelf.

2) Red leather sandals.

3) Red suede running shoes. (Red shoes rule!)

4) My oft-lamented laptop. Deemed "unfixable" by the techies at IBM, it's been hidden away for nearly five years. When I cleaned out the closet, I gave it One Last Chance to boot up...and it did! I'm not sure I want to go back to Windows 95 with Word Perfect 5.0 (DOS), but there are many fine memories in that old black box.

5) The last bottle of Raspberry Merlot 2002—my own label and mmmmm, smooth, thanks to a little help from The Brew Kettle.

Five Items in My Car:

1) A cardboard 'Mickey Mouse' sun screen. I never use it because it's old, stained, and truly ugly. But I keep it because it was my Dad's.

2) A warm (but scratchy) blue plaid blanket.

3) A little badger plush toy, gift from a friend who knows I'm badger-obsessed.

4) A cardboard box full of books on tape to keep me entertained on the daily commute to and from work, 45 minutes each way.

5) My mailbox key on a purple wrist coil, hanging from the steering column.

Five Items in my Purse:

1) A vintage cell phone. It's been wishing me "happy day!" every time I've flipped it open for the last nine years. (Thanks, Mary. Now how do I change that greeting?)

2) A yellow Bick® lighter. I don't smoke, but one never knows when the urge to light a candle will strike. ;-)

3) Badger® 'Tangerine Breeze' lip balm. Mmmmm. And a cute badger logo, too.

4) My iPod®, currently loaded with Death of the Party, a mystery by Carolyn Hart.

5) A buy one/get one half price coupon for picture frames from Kitchen Stuff Plus.

Five Items in My Refrigerator:

1) The remains of a bottle of honey pear vinaigrette, once yummy but now past its 'best before' date. (Yes, it's still there.)

2) Leftover halves of three sweet peppers—red, orange, and green. Fresh, plump, and delicious-looking, they're on the menu for dinner tonight. I'm thinking Spanish omelet, using a couple of...

3) Nine brown organic eggs.

4) A nearly-full bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin. I don't drink gin. In fact, I dislike it with a vengeance. But it was the favourite drink of a friend's formerly favourite beau, so... Anybody want a nearly-full bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin?

5) A 'cold therapy' pack—cool blue gel stuff sealed in plastic. Woman's best friend when neck pain strikes. Ahh.

And a bonus round...

(First) Five Items in my Start Menu:

1) iTunes and Audible Manager
2) Remote Desktop Connection
3) MS Word 2003
4) PhotoShop
5) Solitaire (No idea how that got there. No, really.)

Your turn! Be sure to let me know if you add this to your blog.


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