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Saturday, September 02, 2006

water, flowers, and good hair

Earlier this week I complained to a friend that work-related stress beforehand (get it all done before you leave), combined with work-related stress afterward (desk-burying mass of accumulated stuff), makes it hardly worth taking time off. What was I thinking?! Only two days into my ten day vacation, I'm already feeling blissfully relaxed and mellow, the get-it-done-ed-ness a dim memory and the buried desk a remote and inconsequential non-issue.

Yesterday began with a leisurely swim in the condo pool and wound up with a thoroughly enjoyable rental movie starring one of my favourites, Judy Dench. Between the two, I went for a long overdue ramble around my not-so-new neighbourhood. I've lived in west Toronto for five years now, and it's starting to feel like home; but there are still lots of undiscovered gems out there — like the little fruit market with masses of flowers for sale, all at deep discount prices. How could I resist?

Right next door to the flower seller I encountered another irresistible: Salon Noé. (Pronounced, I kid you not, "noway"!) I don't know about you, but finding a new hairdresser rates right at the top of my "don't wanna do it" list. I mean, this is my hair we're talking about. Just the thought of letting a complete stranger have-at it with a sharp pair of scissors ... [cringe]. As a result, I've avoided the issue, inflicting more than a month of really bad hair days on all and sundry. But I liked the look of "noway". More important, I liked the look of the hair on the freshly-coiffed customers. So...I made an appointment, went back this afternoon, and am now the happy and much lighter-headed owner of a fresh new haircut, thanks to soon-to-be-married stylist, Adrienne. I like it so much, I've booked another appointment for next month. The fact that it's on Friday the 13th can only be an omen of more good things to come!


At 2:18 pm, Anonymous Kate I said...

Hi Ostara, thanks for the lovely message on my blog and for adding me to your blogg roll (I've added you to mine too!) I enjoy reading your blog - you have a great wit and a way with words!
Have a relaxing vacation meandering the streets of Toronto, sipping wine and enjoying all that the city has to offer. I think the best holidays are of the "stay-at-home" variety, where you actually have TIME for yourself.
cheers, Kate


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