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Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Blitz - Day Four

On this final day of the first Avaloners book blitz, check out three more terrific books on sale for 99 cents. We've got romance, suspense, and a heartwarming Christmas tale. Enjoy!

Murder on the Mattaponi, Tracy Dunham

The Substitute Bride, Victoria M. Johnson

Gift Wrapped for Christmas, Mona Ingram

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Book Blitz - Day Three

Time travel, zombies, and thieves. Oh, my!  Today's 99 cent Kindle bargains:

Rent a Thief by Beate Boeker

Night of the Butcher by Kent Conwell

Zombies for Breakfast by Rebecca L. Boschee

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Blitz - Day Two

New, improved headline:  14 authors, 4 days, 14 Kindle books on sale for 99 cents! 

My apologies for promising 5 books yesterday when only 4 were listed.  I've no idea where that pesky '5' came from. Unless... well, those who know me best understand. I'm SO not a numbers person. It's all about the words. Now, go. Shop. Read!

Today's fresh batch:

Forever My Love by Fran Fisher

Programmed for Danger by Karen McCullough

Honour's Debt by Joan Vincent

Warning at Eagle's Watch by Christine Bush

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Blitz - Day One

Attention Readers! Starting today and running through Monday, a group of writer friends are having a Book Blitz. Each day 5 authors will be offering a Kindle book for sale on Amazon for just 99 cents! They've asked us to purchase (and download) the books between noon and midnight PST (Pacific time).  I'll post new links each day so you can get some great books at a bargain price. In the meantime, make yourself a note to check out the books on Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday. Help make this a great blitz!

Mounted (Bittersweet Farm) by Barbara Morgenroth

Born to Bitch by Blanche Marriott 

Flames of Deceit by Carole Hutchens

Braeden and Janne by Kathryn Quick

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