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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Samcat takes over...

Cheryl here. I'm taking some vacation time this week  off to see a play at the Stratford Festival, visit some galleries, eat some lovely meals (washed down with some very good wine), and just generally catch up on my rest and relaxation. I've asked Sam, my faithful sidekick and bookshelf cat, to keep an eye on things here at stillpoint and maybe tell you a tale or two. Take it away, Sam, the blog is all yours. Be good!

Really? Isn't that just like a human? She not only leaves me home alone but expects me to do her entertaining, too. Hmph. Like that's ever going to happen. But I guess you can hang around if you want. As long as you're quiet. Just sit over there in the corner and try not to be annoying while I find something to do. 

Ahh, look at all these beautiful books. I like the way they smell, especially when I ... oops!

What? You know I did that on purpose, right? I mean, how else would a cat choose a book to read? But... yawn! This story is making me sleepy. And I don't like the way you've been reading over my shoulder. Get back to your corner!

Hmm... Herself seems to have left the iPad on my footstool. Maybe I'll look at some pictures...

My, what a handsome cat. Haven't I seen you in the movies? Was it Catsablanca? The Great Catsby? The Clawedfather? Yes, I'm sure that was it. 

Care to join me for a snifter of catnip?

Oh. Are you still here? Then I'm afraid we have a problem. You've seen too much. Before I can let you leave, I need you to make me a promise. Place your right paw over your heart and repeat after me: "Everything that happened when the cat was home alone will remain our little secret. Forever." Right? Right. 

And now I think it's time for you to go. 

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Shhh. (Close the door on your way out.)

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stillpoint is (usually) the blog of Canadian author Cheryl Cooke Harrington, but this edition has been brought to you by Sam "the boss cat" Harrington. Meow.

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At 12:52 pm, Blogger Joanne Guidoccio said...

Entertaining Sam the Cat's perspective. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Stratford. :)

At 6:25 pm, Blogger Heidi said...

Love it! I hope you are having a fabulous time!

At 1:47 pm, Anonymous Susan McNicoll said...

Oh Sam, what a great job you did while mum was off having a great time. I love the movie titles. The Great Catsby. Purrfect. I think I am in heaven with so many photos of your gorgeousness!


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