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Friday, October 20, 2006

a jug of wine, a loafing cat...

a jug of wine, a loafing cat...
They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, a wine by its label or a cat by...well, really, when it comes to cats it's more a case of 'judge not, lest ye be judged'. But I digress.

It's confession time. This week, I chose a bottle of wine solely because of its label. In my defense, though, how could any cat lover resist a cute fat cat (chat), perched atop a giant egg (oeuf), on a wine called Chat-en-Oeuf? Say it quickly and...hmmmm. Sounds a lot like that famous French wine, Chateauneuf.

From the bottle:

Chat-en-Oeuf label"This luscious red is made from selected parcels of old vine Grenache and Syrah (aka Shiraz), two grape varieties usually found in Chat-en-Oeuf's more esteemed (and more expensive) cousins from the Rhône. A truly mouth-filling red packed with rich, juicy and ripe berry fruit flavours, a touch of soft tannin and a subtle twist of spice. Chat-en-Oeuf is a wine of real quality and character and an all rounder when it comes to food matching. Try it with a platter of meats or cheeses or simply lap it up all on its lonesome ... Purrfect!"

And purrrfect it was! We enjoyed a couple of glasses last night with plates of fettuccini in a mushroom and ripe olive sauce and it was very fine, indeed. (Sam thinks the cork is definitely play-worthy, too.) In every way, this one's "an amusing little wine." ;-)

Sam is a friend of and Sunday's , hosted this week at Catcall.


At 5:01 pm, Blogger Aloysius said...

Oh, wow, we'll have to get our humans some of that. We got our very own wine label for our Blogiversary last week, but it came without any wine attached!

At 11:18 am, Blogger WW said...

Cute cat! Our Georgia has a similar spotty face. She says it's makeup.


At 5:18 pm, Anonymous Kate said...

THAT is hilarious! Wine labels often draw me in as well.....and that is one of the better I have seen!

At 12:50 pm, Anonymous Simon and Debbie@dare! said...

We're very pleased you like the 'Chat-en-Oeuf' label, as we designed it! We are a design agency in the UK called dare!, specialising in wine label design.
Of course, both Willow and Floss (our British Blue cats) had to give the design the 'paws-up' before we presented to the client.
The label design has already picked-up a couple of awards both in the UK and the US this year.

At 1:56 pm, Anonymous claudia said...

Oh funny! I just came back home from the supermarket where I bought the exact same wine (here in London) for the very same reason. And it is good...I'm sipping it right now as a I write this :)

(was googling to see how it is rated by the connoisseurs)

At 7:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thinkthe Chat en Oeuf is one of the great little gems to have hit the wine on words is cute I suppose if you love cats - but not for me...perhaps a swinging cat? If it have been a golden retriever...another story. Drink well drink long drink hearty.


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