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Sunday, October 08, 2006 bad

Sam-the-Cat: not guilty!Yesterday, Sam-the-Cat, also known as He Who Rules, was unjustly accused of camera theft and hidery. I looked everywhere, moving furniture, crawling around the floor, peering into only-a-cat-will-fit spots. Argh!

In the end, I found my camera was just where I'd left it over a week the bottom of a bag of cleaning supplies I'd lugged home from the store but hadn't gotten around to using. I guess my hands were full, so I dropped the camera into the bag for safekeeping. (And we all know what happens when I put things away for for "safekeeping".)

To soothe his wounded pride, Sam has been lovingly brushed and fed on the best bits from our Thanksgiving Turkey. That's him looking smug and oh, so satisfied. Oh, I've also promised that even though I've got my camera back, I won't try to make him pose like this. (Not this week, anyway.)


At 8:46 pm, Anonymous Kate I said...

OMG! that picture of pirate kitty just cracked Bob and I up! Some people have way too much time on their hands!


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