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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Persons Day

Nellie McClung
"Never retreat, never explain, never apologize — get the thing done and let them howl."
~ Nellie McClung

That quote, along with Nellie McClung's portrait, hangs on my bathroom wall as a daily reminder that if I think something needs to be changed, I'd better get busy and work on changing it.

Who was Nellie McClung? An author, educator, suffragist, and one of a group of courageous women remembered today as the "Famous Five". Thanks to their determination, Canadian women won the right to be recognized as "persons" under the law (October 18, 1929).

With the Harper government's ongoing cuts to women's programs this year, it seems more important than ever to remember how things once were and to thank those who work for change, then and now.

How will you remember Persons Day? Find out more.

"Whenever I don't know whether to fight or not, I fight."
~ Emily Murphy


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