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Friday, September 22, 2006

OneWebDay - has the 'net changed you?

Top 10 Ways the Internet Has Changed My Life

Once upon a time, a good old fashioned Toronto snowstorm meant a couple of bonus days off from the job or school every winter. Now, thanks to the Internet, I can work via remote desktop no matter how stormy the weather. (This is not necessarily a good change...I could easily become a hermit or, more likely, a crazy cat lady.)

Save trees! Nowadays, I read the news online, thus avoiding pesky piles of newsprint, overflowing recycling bins, and smudges of printer's ink on a snow-white cat.

No more standing in line at the bank to pay bills.

The whole world is open for business whenever and wherever the urge to shop might strike. That perfect gift could be around the corner or half a world away.

When I need to know how something works, or find the perfect word, or demystify onomatopoeia, my answers are on the Internet. Researching people, places, and things for a new story has never been easier.

As a writer, I especially value the connection with other writers. It's good to be able to type-talk with people who understand the (demented) writerly mind. My most insightful and fabulous critique partner ever lives 3500 kilometers away in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. (Hi, Sheila!)

'Letting go' of characters and stories can be a difficult and painful thing for an author —a fictional empty nest moment. When readers visit my web site or blog and take time to send a note to tell me they've fallen in love with a character or story... best feeling in the world!

Online classes make learning new things easy and fun. I've studied everything from Photoshop basics to private investigation techniques ... all without leaving my living room (sometimes without leaving my pajamas).

Fifteen years ago I might have said a successful business run by three women who've never met face-to-face was an impossible idea. These days, I think it's one of the best jobs I've ever had. All virtual, all the time! (My two partners and I design and maintain web sites for the wonderful group of authors at

... and the number one way the Internet has changed my life:

Friendships forged ...some sweet but fleeting, others built to last. All unforgettable.

How has the Internet changed your life?


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