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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas ... present?

After yesterday's sentimental 'Christmas past...' post, I'm in the mood for something a little more "here and now". What could possibly be better than this?

Tim Hortons Coming Soon!

If you're a coffee drinking Canadian, you'll understand my excitement at seeing this announcement, brand new today on the sign at the corner plaza. But there's more to my unbridled glee than just handy coffee. I look at that sign and see a bright and shiny New Year's Resolution. Come January, I'll be walking across the park and back instead of hopping in the car to get my morning coffee. That'll add at least six kilometers every week to my exercise program. Sounds like a pretty good Christmas present to me. Thank you, Tim Hortons! I feel fitter and slimmer already.

(Donuts? What donuts?)


At 1:10 am, Blogger Pammie said...

Hi Ostara, glad you are excited about a new motivation to get in more walking miles! I am just within walking distance of work, about 23 minutes from Yaletown to Burrard Station. Nice, that's 45 minutes walk a day...and you never notice amongst all the tall buildings how bumpy Vancouver is until you walk across it...I work right across the street from a Starbucks, which I was delighted to see when I first took the job. But then I got introduced to Caffe Artiggiano, which makes the nicest most fluffiest lattes in all of Vancouver!

At 7:16 am, Blogger Ostara said...

Mmm, fluffy lattes. Now there's a job perk I could get used to.

It would be great to live close enough to walk to work. What a great way to enforce the daily exercise regime and, of course, bumpy terrain is best when it comes to cardio. In my case, unfortunately, work is a 45 minute car trip twice a day...and that's if I take the toll route. Driving 'free' bumps the time well over an hour. I listen to audio books so it's not a total waste of time but sure does cut into the available daylight hours at this time of the year.

Now I need my morning coffee! Or maybe latte...

At 2:42 am, Anonymous Kate I said...

I'm downright envious of you having a Timmy's so close! We have to drive 17 kl. to experience this major piece of Canadiana which some have said is one of the main religions of our country. It's at least a religious experience for some! (and the Timbits don't count for calories!)

At 9:45 am, Blogger Ostara said...

17 k? That's a painfully long way to keep the craving under control, Kate. I shudder to think of it!

LOL on the Timbits comment. Makes sense, though. I mean, they are donut holes. And a hole is nothing. And how can nothing have calories?

At 1:37 pm, Blogger burekaboy — said...

i'm still a starbucks addict. i guess i like mine made with black beans and strong enough to fuel a car.

thankfully they FINALLY opened a few in this province of mine in the recent past. and when i say a few, i mean nothing of the likes of TH. i must say i've NEVER seen such a profusion of THs like i've seen outside quebec. TH seems to be the canadian version of starbucks in its showing up on every street corner.


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