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Friday, January 12, 2007


Middle Son and his fiance, the lovely Miss T, have just returned from sunny Hawaii and they brought presents! For the humans, some fresh and juicy-ripe pineapples. Yum! And Sam got his very own Weasel Ball. What a thoughtful aunt and uncle.

What's this thing?

What the heck is this crazy thing?

Lip-lickin' good!

Yum! Now this is good!

Clearly, Sam was more impressed by the delicious pineapple than he was by the buzzing, squirming, dash-about weasel. But give him time. I predict many hours of stalking, attacking, and murderous plotting fun. Meanwhile, check the action on Sam's first videos: Mighty Hunter and Pineapple Cat.

Sam will be chasing the weasel aboard the , at Sunday's (hosted this week at Pet's Garden Blog), and with the Weekend Catblogging crew at What Did You Eat?


At 5:04 pm, Blogger sher said...

Oh my goodness, Sam is a real foodie! He choose pineapple over a weasel!!!! Well, he needs a food blog of his own!

At 5:36 pm, Blogger Ostara said...

That's what he's been telling me, Sher. LOL (I say since he's pretty much taken over this blog as his own, he doesn't really need another!)

At 9:40 pm, Blogger Pammie said...

Hi Ostara,

Sam definitely has the right priorities. I love Hawaiian pineapple!

At 9:45 pm, Blogger Ostara said...

Mmmmm me too, Pammie. It's so sweet and juicy and can almost taste the sunshine. Sam's also fond of cantaloupe and strawberries but this was his first encounter with a pineapple and I'm pretty sure we've got a new favourite here!

At 12:26 am, Blogger burekaboy — said...

hehe, sam "goes international" on youtube! i think my cat would go mental with that weasel toy :) as for the pineapple, he does have good taste!! soon you'll be serving him fruit salad for dinner :D

At 12:59 am, Blogger Ostara said...

Hi burekaboy. I think Sam would be a lot more interested in the weasel if it wasn't so noisy. Although...he doesn't hesitate to attack the vacuum cleaner whenever it invades his territory so maybe it's not the noise factor at all. Maybe it just couldn't compete with all that lovely pineapple aroma!

At 9:48 am, Blogger Kitikata-san said...

Oh Sam, you gotta bite that vishus weasel and get rid of it! It looks a little shifty, if you know what I mean. There isn't enough room for you and that thing! Meow!

At 3:26 am, Blogger Katie said...

That's so adorable!
I loved the pic of him and the pineapple - that is a classic look of "What the?!" haha :)

At 11:15 am, Blogger Ostara said...

kitikata-san: "shifty" - yes! - makes biting a bit difficult when it moves around so crazy-like.

katie: pineapple is the new favourite thing around here but ...we ate it all up! :-(


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