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Friday, January 19, 2007

who's the boss?

Here at chez stillpoint, I'm pretty sure 'the boss' is not me. Case in point: Sam the Cat has decided to make my favourite easy chair 'his spot'. Perfectly understandable. After all, it is an extremely comfortable chair with a great view of the room, and it's upholstered in ever-so-soft burgundy red fabric. He looks good on that chair. (And he knows it!)

lookin' good
So, for the last couple of months, Sam has been spending a good part of every day curled up in cozy catly comfort on the big red chair, shedding his white cat hair by the bucketful to mark his spot. Okay, maybe 'bucketful' is a bit of an exaggeration, but since I'm now known around the building as "furry pants" I think it must be pretty close to accurate.

I tried recommending another chair — one with a seductively catnip-scented mat on it — but that was only good for a quick roll-about and then it was back to Big Red.

I tried covering Big Red with a sheet. Turns out Sam is a tunnelling cat, so sheet and chair got hairy.

Then I had a brilliant idea. A foolproof plan that would make Big Red even more cat-comfy and solve my furry pants problem at the same time. You see, Sam likes to cuddle up with stuffed animals, fuzzy blankets, my neighbour's hat (but that's another story) ... so a warm sheepskin throw, strategically placed on his snuggling spot, should have him purring with delight, right? White cat hair would be invisible on it and Big Red would stay hair free and tidy underneath. I'd just lift it off onto the floor when it was my turn to relax and put my feet up.

Um ... I said "foolproof", didn't I?



Upon his discovery of The Big Furry White Thing in his comfy spot, Sam decided to claim the higher ground.

Sam's the king of the castle.

Perhaps I should just give up and sit on the sofa.

Sam will be lounging around on the , at Sunday's (hosted this week by Enrevanche), and with the Weekend Catblogging crew at Cat Blogosphere.


At 8:24 am, Anonymous Kate said...

Hi Sam! Aren't you the handsome devil!

Sorry to cause undue confusion, but I was wayyyy ahead of myself when I gleefully announced that I was hosting WCB this coming's being hosted over at Cat Blogoshpere (

and next weekend, Jan 27-28, me, Bustopher and Harmon will welcome the cat crew to our chilly and snowy home as hosts.

Again, my apologies! I will look for your link in a week though

At 8:47 am, Blogger Ostara said...

Right on both counts, Kate. He's handsome and a l'il devil. ;-)

I'll change that link in the post. Thanks for letting me know and... see you next time!

At 3:32 pm, Blogger Pammie said...

Hi Ostara,
I've often thought about having a cat but the cat hair thing not to mention the litter box oh yes and the furniture scratching thing and the gnarly cat food thing have always put me off. So I find that an imaginary pet is muuuch better. That's why I have Miguel.
Hope you have a great weekend!

At 5:25 pm, Blogger Ostara said...

LOL - all true, Pam. Especially the scratching and litter bits. That Miguel of yours is a cutie...and he can take care of himself for an indefinite length of time if you decide to take a vacation. That's the main "issue" for me. Well...that and my cat allergy.

Sam more than makes up for it, though. I mean, just look at that face! ;-)

At 3:41 pm, Blogger sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Sam is adorable and certainly seems to have a mind of his own! When my cats claim a favorite spot, eventually they pick another favorite spot. With any luck, Sam might find a new favorite spot soon!

At 4:48 pm, Blogger burekaboy — said...

LOL. poor sam, domination and territorial issues maybe? i thought my cat's breed would have less hair and the colour wouldn't show up as much on clothes and furniture. i'd be wrong. grrr. anyway....still love him to death. the things you put up with! (i've started putting a thin baby blanket on his sleeping spot/s to cut down on the hair issue.

At 7:45 pm, Blogger Ostara said...

A heavy duty lint brush is a cat person's best friend.

At 1:10 pm, Anonymous Susan McNicoll said...

Classic cat story and not surprised Sam is imposing himself in this way. And what a handsome man.

At 1:43 pm, Blogger Cheryl said...

Susan, it's been 9 years since I wrote this post and Sam still claims the best seat in the house. He still won't sit on that sheepskin, though!


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