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Friday, September 07, 2007

intrepid (sort of) ...

the intrepid Sam

Here's the intrepid Sam, perched on his favourite chair on the balcony. From this vantage point, when sitting tall, he can see through the glass panel at the top of the rail and watch the kids, dogs, and squirrels playing in the park. His expression here might be mistaken for fierce concentration but, in fact, he's watching a flock of these ... and preparing to dive for cover if they come any closer.

soaring gull

Moments later he's belly-flat on the floor, whiskers a-quiver as he peers through the gap at the base of the guard rail. No chance to snap another photo. One gull swoops ever-so-slightly in our direction and the mighty Sam becomes a mighty blur... through the door, down the hall, and under the bed.

Funny how nap-attacks can happen all of a sudden like that.

Find more intrepid cats aboard the .

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