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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Write Spot: Anne Cleeland

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write.

My guest this week is author Anne Cleeland, who has generously offered to send a very special prize to one lucky reader of The Write Spot. Read on for details.

Anne Cleeland is a lifelong Southern California resident, and currently makes her home in Newport Beach. An attorney by trade, she's been reading mystery and romantic suspense since her Nancy Drew days, and especially loves Agatha Christie and the other Golden Age British mystery writers.  Her Acton and Doyle mystery series features two Scotland Yard detectives, and if you're a fan of Masterpiece Mystery, I think you'll enjoy this series.

Anne also writes historical fiction because she loves historical novels, too. Being a romantic at heart, all her stories have a strong romantic element.

She has four grown children, three wonderful grandchildren, and one nutty dog. This is Anne's Write Spot:

Tell us what makes this 'The Write Spot' for you.

I love sunlight!  I think I'm at my best when there's a lot of light in the room, so my desk is right against a large window that gets a lot of morning sun.   I love flowers, too, so I plant some flowers in the stand outside and change it up, depending on the season. (And note there is a pelican, too.)

Love the pelican! Other than your computer or laptop, what's the one thing you couldn't be without in your Write Spot?

Here's my Regency clock. When I'm not writing mysteries, I write historicals set in the Regency period (early 1800s) and when I was on a trip to London about four years ago, I walked past a clock shop, and saw this clock in the window. I had to use my "emergency" credit card to buy it, but it was worth every penny.  I love to think that I have something that dates all the way back to the era I write about.

What are you working on now?

I am serializing a historical on my website (for free!) and posting one chapter per week – I think we're up to chapter 26, now.  It's called The Bengal Bridegift.  Take a look:

I am also finishing up the fifth book in my Scotland Yard mystery series; it's called Murder in All Honour.  Hopefully, soon I will have a publish date for the fourth book, Murder in Containment.  I've had to change publishers, and so that's goofed up the schedule. I hear from a lot of impatient fans – sorry-sorry, everyone! 

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Please contact me on my website, I love to hear from readers! And I'm on Facebook and Twitter. For those of you interested in looking at sample chapters, here’s a link to my Amazon Author Central page.

Thanks so much for having me, Cheryl!

My pleasure, Anne. Thank you!

Available now: Anne Cleeland's captivating mystery series, following the perilous exploits of two Scotland Yard detectives as they track down London's most elusive killer. Giveaway! Anne will send the first three books in the series to one lucky reader of The Write Spot – details below.

First-year detective Kathleen Doyle and Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair, Lord Acton, are a most unlikely pair. An Irish redhead of humble beginnings and modest means, Doyle is the antithesis of Acton, the British lord who has established himself as a brilliant but enigmatic figure with a knack for solving London's most high profile homicides. But Acton senses something exceptional beneath Doyle's awkward naivete and taps her to help him with his investigations. And her spot-on intuition is just what he needs to solve a chilling string of murders.

When a horse trainer is found dead at a racetrack, Doyle and Acton begin interviewing witnesses and the victim's associates, but the killer continues to strike and they're left with more questions than answers. Their investigation is further muddled by their colleagues at CID Headquarters, whose career-driven jealousies and workplace blunders could jeopardize the case – and their nosing into the nature of Doyle and Acton's after hours relationship could lay bare the most classified information of all.

Perhaps the trainer was the target of a jilted lover on a killing spree. Or maybe the victims were collateral damage in a political coup gone awry. As the murders pile up, Doyle and Acton uncover something far more sadistic than they could have imagined, and now that they know too much, they'll find themselves squarely in the crosshairs of a cold-blooded killer.

Despite their investigative prowess, Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair, Lord Acton, and rookie detective Kathleen Doyle stir more than a few feathers at CID Headquarters when their relationship comes to light. But office politics quickly become trivial when a rash of underworld murders shatters London's normally austere facade. With a growing list of successfully solved cases to her name, the ever-dauntless Doyle shakes off the gossip and sets out to investigate the escalating turf war.

As the body count climbs, Doyle uncovers a seedy world where fractious members of the Russian mafia and an Irish terrorist group are fighting for control of a lucrative underground business. But their crooked deals and volleying acts of revenge are almost too much for Scotland Yard to keep up with, and when Doyle notices that Acton seems unusually troubled by the crimes, she begins to wonder what sparked the conflict in the first place.

Perhaps there's nothing more to the murders than under-the-table business dealings gone awry. Or perhaps a single act of vigilante justice fanned the flames that ignited a vicious turf war. As Doyle and Acton fight not to become the next victims, they'll find that the truth may be best left unspoken, and retribution may be best left to fate.

While Acton and Doyle, two of Scotland Yard's finest, pursue a self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner, Acton's own questionable methods may prove their undoing…

The victims are all criminals who eluded justice – until they ran afoul of an avenger whose modus operandi is a bullet to the back of the head. The key to the vigilante's identity lies in connecting the cold cases to an event that may have triggered retribution after all these years.

Meanwhile, Doyle finds herself shadowed by a mysterious figure. After the man steps forward to rescue her from harm, she wonders why he is invested in protecting her. But when she learns he's in contact with Acton's nemesis, she fears she’s being used in a plot against her husband.

The stakes are high, and both Doyle and Acton must work independently to outwit the players – before their lives are brought crashing down like a house of cards.


Here's your chance to catch up on Anne Cleeland's wonderful Scotland Yard series before book four, Murder in Containment, is published! Anne has generously offered to send copies of the first three books in the series to one lucky reader of The Write Spot.

To be entered in the random drawing, just leave a comment* and be sure to include your e-mail address so I can let you know if you've won. 

My trusty sidekick, Sam the Cat, will help choose a winner when he wakes up next Wednesday morning – and we all know cats like to wake up verrrry early, so please leave your comment before 12:01 AM Eastern Time on February 24.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The giveaway has now ended. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Prentiss G!

About The Write Spot:
I've always been fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes. Whether it's backstage photos from my favourite play, a peek into the kitchen where a chef is working her culinary magic, or simply a glimpse through an uncurtained window into a stranger's private world, there's an undeniable thrill of discovery, a sense of secrets shared. It's no surprise, then, that I'm immensely curious about where other writers do their work. I've blogged about it before in this post about my own 'write spot' and so enjoyed the comments, I was inspired to launch a regular feature here at stillpoint. Watch for The Write Spot every other Wednesday and join me as I discover the many and varied places where writers write.

stillpoint is the blog of Canadian author Cheryl Cooke Harrington

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At 5:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They all sound like wonderful reading! Thanks for sharing with us!

At 10:40 am, Blogger Anne Cleeland said...

Thanks so much, Cheryl, I think this is a wonderful idea--we are always curious about where writers like to write, even if it's the middle seat on an airplane. :)

At 10:44 am, Blogger Karen Frisch said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 10:45 am, Blogger Karen Frisch said...

Your mystery series sounds wonderful, Anne! Looking forward to reading some of your mysteries. I'm very glad to have been introduced to your books through this blog!

At 12:31 pm, Blogger Joanne Guidoccio said...

Excellent post! Your mysteries sound intriguing. Best of luck with sales, Anne :)

At 3:14 pm, Blogger knye said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I appreciate learning about your space. I too like having sunshine. I love all your books --mysteries and historicals. I am one of your fans patiently waiting for the next book but am enjoying the weekly chapters of the Bengali Bridegift in the meantime. Thanks.

At 3:37 pm, Anonymous Susan McNicoll said...

Anne, love that you bought that clock for yourself. Gives you a tie to the times you love to write about. Your series sounds really good and if Cheryl recommends it then I now have it on my list of books to read. Why the Pelican? I'm with you on the sunlight, especially in the middle of our rainy season. And as for Sam choosing the winner of the books, there could not be a better judge.

At 3:46 pm, Blogger Cathy S said...

I discovered Anne's mystery series almost a year ago, and devoured all three books in les than three days. Just borrowed them again from the library to re-read.

At 3:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the Lord Acton and Kathleen Doyle characters and the mysteries presented to them. I am one of those fans anxiously awaiting the next book!

At 4:01 pm, Blogger Katie said...

I have all three of the books in this series, and they are great. If you haven't read them, you are missing out. I read them out of order, and it did not matter, but I would recommend that you start with the first book if you can. I can't wait for the new book.

At 6:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy Action and Doyle and would love the real books as mine are on my Kindle,I've become a big fan of THE BENGAL BRIDESGIFT.Must find out about the other Historials. Ruth Nixon

At 12:08 am, Blogger Prentiss Garner said...

I would love these books!

At 7:38 am, Blogger David W Madara said...

I would love to win these novels, they sound right up my alley!!

At 7:40 am, Blogger caryn said...

I love British Police Procedurals and have not read any of these. I would love to win. Thanks for offering these!

At 7:47 am, Anonymous Billie Mills said...

These three Acton and Doyle books have become a series that I reread with some regularity. They are great. Acton and Doyle are such different characters that I am surprised at their actions and interactions each time I have read the series. Can't wait for the new books in the series. I certainly recommend that any mystery reader try this series.

At 8:48 am, Blogger Elaine Robberson said...

I haven't tried this series yet, but they sound like stories I would love. Thanks for a chance to win copies of your books.

At 9:16 am, Blogger Carol M said...

I would love to start reading this series! They sound like books I would really enjoy! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!
mittens0831 at aol dot com

At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Acton and Doyle series so much I assigned it for my mystery reading group this month. I am glad to hear there will be a book four and five. Look forward to reading them.

karen94066 at aol dot com

At 11:01 am, Blogger knye said...

At 9:56 pm, Anonymous Amy said...

amyjo DOT kendall AT gmail Dot com

At 3:23 am, Blogger Larkrise garden girl said...

I have just discovered Anne Cleeland's books. I am so enjoying Acton and Doyle and how they work together. I love when you discover a new author it's like a new door has opened . Your blog is so interesting. Thank you for sharing how an author works. cheri


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