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Friday, September 15, 2006

it's a cat's life

Fridays are work-from-home days for me and, unless my client deadlines are looming large, I like to sleep in a while longer than my usual weekday 6 a.m. This idea does not make sense to Sam. He's up at the crack of dawn every day to watch (and heckle) the neighbourhood dogs as they walk their sleepy people in the park behind our building. I wouldn't mind, but his window is only about three feet from my bed and this morning's catty commentary, "ick-ick-ick-ick", started extra early. Half-asleep, I grabbed my camera and snapped this 5 o'clock scene:

Sam heckles dogs in the park.Even the flash didn't break his concentration. He kept right on heckling. Asking him politely to be quiet didn't work. Neither did offers of snuggles and tummy rubs if he'd come back to bed. Finally, I pulled a pillow over my head and tried to recapture sleep. No use.

Of course, once I was awake, caffeinated, and working, Sam decided to have the last laugh by going back to bed. I went looking for him a few minutes ago and discovered him snuggling with his teddy bear, sound asleep. Camera noise woke him...or maybe it was me. I might have said something like, "ick-ick-ick-ick" ... ahh, revenge is sweet.

Sam's sleep is interrupted by his own personal heckler.

Sam is a fan of Friday Ark and Sunday's Carnival of the Cats.


At 11:48 am, Blogger DEBRA said...

Sam has the right idea!


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