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Monday, September 18, 2006

small treasures

Last Saturday, Kate, over at at thru my lens...lightly, blogged about spending a day practicing with her camera and tripod. Her practice resulted in a lovely series of photo vignettes of small treasures — those special things gathered over the years that bring her comfort and pleasure. She wound up her post by asking, "what are the things in your life, around your home, that you treasure...and why?"

Here are a few of mine...

This magically surreal painting by artist G. Hammell hangs on the wall above my computer, reminding me that with imagination everything is possible.

flying stones
In the bedroom window, antique poison bottles catch the sun and fill the room with a soft blue glow. Collected over the last twenty years, each bottle holds memories of the hunt through antique fairs, flea markets, garage sales, and abandoned barns. In the background are two orchid plants — one blooms with chocolate-scented flowers!

antique blue poison bottles
I've posted many pictures of my balcony garden, but never the garden wall. These two stone ladies seem so serene and peaceful.

garden wall

Many more little treasures occupy my home and perhaps, someday, I'll post a few more photos. First, though, I think I need a lot more practice with my camera. And maybe a tripod. And sunshine! Definitely sunshine.

So ... what are the things in your life, around your home, that you treasure ... and why?


At 2:31 am, Anonymous Kate I said...

Cheryl, I love your treasures! These little things say so much about us. I have to confess though...I now covet your antique poison bottles...the blue is just so intense and beautiful!
Thanks for taking the time to post these photo's...they're very good.


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